Redcon1 Knee Sleeve

Redcon1 Knee Sleeve

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Constructed from the highest grade of neoprene, the Redcon1 knee sleeves deliver warmth, support and rebound and are comparable to a light knee wrap. The Redcon1 knee sleeve provides maximum support in keeping the knee stable and in the middle for your heaviest loads.


1. Slip the sleeve on over your ankle.

2. Grab the top of the sleeve and fold in sleeve in half so the logo is facing inward.

3. Grab and pull from the bottom of the sleeve and slide the sleeve up your leg until the sleeve (still folded in half) is more then covering the knee.

4. Grab the top half of the sleeve that is folded over and pull it to the top covering the top portion of the knee and lower thigh.

CARE: Hand Wash with mild soap and cold water. Air dry.

The Redcon1 Elbow Sleeve is made from high grade material that maintains elasticity throughout the most extreme abuse!

Excellent item to both proactively prevent injury, and to also treat injuries such as tendinitis, muscle and tendon strains and sprains, and stabilize atrophied or weak muscles.

Perfect level of compression to be supportive without interfering with your range of motion or restricting bicep or forearms.

Can be worn on forearms, elbows, biceps or knees for that extra level of support and safety.