Ultimate Fat Burning Stack
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This stack includes: (1) Double Tap, (1) Silencer, (1) Mental Trigger

The Ultimate Fat Burning Stack is an advanced mix of Redcon1’s top fat melting products. It hits you from several different angles to attack stubborn body fat, rev up your metabolism, end cravings, and keep you alert and focused while on a reduced calorie diet. 

Double Tap is packed with caffeine, 2-aminoisoheptaine, green tea, aceyl-l-carnitine and many other leading ingredients in the fight against fat gain. It will spike your energy levels and kill your hunger. Silencer burns fat without the use of stimulants making it a nice compliment to Double Tap. Silencer has an array of potent fat burners including alpha lipoic acid, conjugated linoleic acid, raspberry ketones, and an additional serving of acetyl-l-carnitine. 

Mental Trigger is added to the Ultimate Fat Burning stack because we all know how hard it can be to keep focus on school or work while dieting. Using potent brain stimulators, known as nootropics, you will stimulate attentiveness making your diet that much easier to follow. Pick up the Ultimate Fat Burning Stack to uncover the ripped physique you’ve always been working towards. Let this stack finally take you all the way to the finish line.