Guru Stack - Hypertrophy Coach Stack
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Mental Trigger
Big Noise

Armament: Mental Trigger and Big Noise 

Mission: Simple, but highly effective, this stack is a favorite with Redcon1’s Hypertrophy Coach, Joe Bennett. This unique pre-workout stack is awesome for generating focus, drive in the gym, and getting a huge pump during your workout. Instead of amplifying your body with a traditional pre-workout, this one utilizes a highly powerful nootropic matrix found in Mental Trigger, which helps to lock you in while working out, without the drop off in energy often found in traditional pre’s. And Big Noise is nothing short of phenomenal at producing thick veins and huge pumps in your muscles. Nitric oxide formulas help to expand blood cells creating a better flow of nutrients in and out of the muscle, resulting in shortened recovery periods and better pumps while training. 


  • Take 1 serving of Mental Trigger and 1 serving of Big Noise 15-20 minutes prior to weight training.