Female Lean Gains Stack
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Total War

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This stack includes: (1) Halo, (1) Total War, (1) Silencer

Ladies we know how hard it is for you to gain muscle. It’s an uphill climb that can be very frustrating at times. You’re force feeding calories, trying to stay lean, doing cardio, and banging weights harder than the guys. Yet, you still find yourself barely making gains. This is exactly the time you need to try the Female Lean Gains Stack. 

Halo is an all natural plant based testosterone booster. It won’t give you any masculine side effects or aggression, but what it will do is help your recovery improve and boost your strength in compound exercises. That’s exactly what you need to get results. There’s also Total War as your pre workout for an added boost of energy to make sure you don’t have sub-par training sessions. And finally included in the stack is Silencer. A stimulant free fat burner that won’t overdo your body’s adrenal glands. Just a clean, safe, and effective fat burner that you can take year round for the results you desire. 

 This stack is just the little bit extra you need to drive past your plateaus. Don’t keep pounding your head against the wall making very little progress, pick up this stack and watch, in a matter of weeks you’ll be noticing the improvements to your physique and your workouts.