Elite Mass Gainer Stack
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MSRP: $299.94  YOUR COST: $275.95  SAVINGS: $31.99 

This stack includes: (1) Halo, (1) Silencer, (1) Tango, (1) Isotope, (1) Cluster Bomb, (1) RPG

Whether you are the type of person who struggles and fights for every ounce of muscle or you’re ready to take your physique to freak status, then we highly recommend the Elite Mass Gainer Stack. It combines some of Redcon1’s leading performance enhancing supplements including Tango, our next gen extra absorbable creatine. Cluster Bomb, another cutting edge formula which includes highly branched cyclic dextrin which is a carbohydrate that has the ability to empty out of the stomach incredibly fast, forcing nutrients and supplements ingested directly into the muscle cells at an extremely high rate of speed. 

When you stack Cluster Bomb with RPG and Isotope your body gets a surge of protein, amino acids, and fast digesting carbohydrates that are all partitioned in the proper areas of the body. Inside this stack is also Halo, a plant derived all natural testosterone booster; and Silencer a non-stim fat burner. We are attempting to achieve the Holy Grail of efforts in bodybuilding: losing fat while gaining muscle. Silencer will keep you nice and tight while on your bulk. Getting sloppy will not be of a concern using this advanced fat burner.  

The Elite Mass Gainer Stack is a unique combination of products that have a synergistic effect where their combined effects are greater than the individual products themselves. It’s impossible to be disappointed with the results you can expect after running this stack.