Elite Energy Stack
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This stack includes: (1) Total War, (1) Breach Ballistic, (1) Double Tap Power

If you’re a stim head who needs a fix to wake up, power through the day, or train after work then this is the stack for you. This bad boy combines our high dosed pre workout Total War with Breach Ballistic (aminos + caffeine), and Double Tap powder. The trio is by far the most potent energy stack available anywhere in the supplement world. 

Total War is the high stimulant pre workout that has had the industry in a buzz since its release in September 2016. Each ingredient is slammed with the highest effective dose possible. Absolutely no corners were cut with Total War and with 9 flavors to choose from there’s something for everyone. 

Breach Ballistic is a high quality BCAA formula infused with caffeine. We realize most people like to sip on their BCAA’s throughout the day to get a continuous and steady pulse of aminos, but what about picking up energy levels? That’s exactly where Breach Ballistic shines. Then Double Tap powder will elevate your metabolism and have you feeling warm, creating an internal furnace primed for maximum fat loss. 

The Elite Energy Stack will not only deliver plenty of energy for you throughout the day and your workout, but you’ll also burn fat and build muscle in the process. It’s a great stack to use during the summer when you’ll be extra active and wanting to take your shirt off.