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This stack includes: (2) Isotope, (2) Breach, (1) Double Tap, (1) Total War, (1) Big Noise, (1) Cluster Bomb

The Big Man has spoken and his stack in here. That’s right, IFBB Pro Dallas McCarver has revealed exactly what supplements he uses on a daily basis from Redcon1. This is what created the 340lb (off season) beast of a specimen. If you’ve never seen Dallas in person than you don’t know what kind of a mass monster he truly is. Dallas redefines the term by bringing to the stage mass, freakish X-Frame, and Olympia caliber conditioning. 

In this stack you’ll find 2 containers of Isotope. 100% whey protein isolate. Dallas doesn’t put a blend protein in his body; only the best. Then you’ll get 2 containers of Breach. BCAA’s should be sipped throughout the day which is why you’ll be getting two. You can’t build muscle round-the-clock without constantly sipping on BCAA’s throughout the day. Double Tap is there so Dallas can stay lean in the off season. It’s got several key ingredients that target stubborn body fat including acetyl-l-carnitine, green tea extract, and 2-aminoisoheptine. Double Tap is also used during pre contest making it a very versatile product. And the wrapped around his workout you’ll notice Dallas likes to take Total War, Big Noise, and Cluster Bomb. An advanced cocktail of pre workout solutions that ensure Dallas has the proper nutrition while he trains. 

Literally no stone went unturned with the Dallas McCarver Stack. Why should we expect anything different from the world’s biggest bodybuilder? Try this stack out today and make some dramatic physique changes now!