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BAR - Rainbow Breakfast
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Breakfast At The Ready
1 Servings
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Train and compete at the highest level
The highest state of readiness
Key Ingredients
Whey Protein Blend
Whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate

What makes B.A.R. unique?

B.A.R. is a high protein, low calorie bar with real cereal.


How many grams of carbs does B.A.R. have?

B.A.R. has 20G of carbohydrates.


How many grams of sugar are in B.A.R.?

There are only 5G of sugar in B.A.R.


How many calories are in B.A.R.?

There are 190 calories in each B.A.R.


Does B.A.R. contain milk, peanut, or soy?

B.A.R. contains all three.


Does B.A.R. contain whey?

Yes, B.A.R. contains whey isolate and concentrate.

B.A.R | Breakfast At The Ready

B.A.R. Breakfast At the Ready® (Single Bar)

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