What does aromatase mean?

Aromatase is an enzyme that converts androstenedione to estrogen. 

Can an anti-estrogen such as SHIELD be beneficial on its own?

Yes, if you have naturally occurring high estrogen, blocking it will then in turn increase natural testosterone levels in the body. 

Should I take SHIELD on-cycle or off-cycle?

SHIELD is beneficial both on and off cycle; lowering estrogen is beneficial even if you haven’t been on cycle. 

Can I combine SHIELD with the SOMAL products to maximize my gains?

Yes, you will free of more free-testosterone by doing so. 

Can an anti-estrogen like SHIELD increase my natural testosterone levels by lowering my estrogen?

Yes.  By lowering estrogen levels, testosterone levels are naturally higher. 

How does SHIELD work to lower my estrogen?

It binds to the aromatase enzyme inhibiting the conversion from Androstenedione to Estrogen. 

What type of anti-estrogen is SHIELD?

Aromatase Inhibitor.

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