1. Is MRE vegan friendly?

No MRE is not vegan friendly. MRE is made from animal protein sources such as fish, beef, eggs and chicken.


2. Is MRE dairy free?

Yes MRE is dairy free and contains no whey.


3. Does MRE contain whey?

No whey but mixes just as easily as a whey shake.


4. Can MRE be used as a meal replacement?

Yes MRE is the ideal meal replacement shake.


5. How many scoops is ideal for a shake?

A full 4 scoops is the perfect shakes for a meal replacement but depending on your diet a 2-4 scoops is great.


6. Is MRE foamy?

Minimal foam if any.


7. Is MRE clumpy?

No MRE mixes easily and goes down smooth.


8. Is MRE meant to only be mixed with water?

No MRE can be mixed with water, milk, almond milk or whatever your preference is.


9. Is MRE gluten free?

Yes MRE is gluten free.


10. Can you taste the salmon?

No you absolutely can NOT taste the salmon.