Grunt FAQ

1. What are EAAs?

Essential Aminos Acids are amino acids that can not be produced by the body.


2. What is the difference between GRUNT and BREACH?

Breach can be taking all day long and helps with hydration. Grunt is strictly EAAs which helps you become anabolic prevents you from losing muscle.


3. When should I take GRUNT?

Grunt can be taken Pre, Intra, and Post workout.


4. Why is it important to take GRUNT post workout?

It’s the ideal time to take Grunt because it helps repair muscle tissue and helps with recovery.


5. How many amino acids are in GRUNT?

Grunt is packed with 9 amino acids which necessary for growing new and preserving existing muscle mass.


6. Who can take GRUNT?

Grunt can be taken by anyone looking to gain and persevere muscle.