The Redcon1 Frontline is a team of highly knowledgable sales representatives all of which are certified as a Redcon1 product specialist. The Frontline team is committed to finding the perfect stack to meet your fitness goals and help you get the best bang for your buck.

David Copel


Age: 26
From: New Haven, Connecticut
Fitness Goal: to be an IFBB Classic Physique pro
Fitness Experience: ISSA Certified Personal Trainer. Nationally Qualified Bodybuilder.
Non fitness related interests: Movies, beach life, building my side business (Meathead Nation)
Phone Number: (203) 444-6546
Instagram: @davecopel
Steven Campos
Age: 23
From: Trenton, New Jersey
Fitness Goal: Gain lean muscle mass
Brief overview of fitness experience: I played football in high school
Brief overview of non-fitness experience: I DJ Electronic Dance Music (EDM) specifically hard trap music, and Hip Hop
Phone Number: (561) 702-5499
Instagram: @stevencampos_
Zack Leeds
Age: 25
From: Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Fitness Goal: Add 6 pounds of lean muscle every year for a decade.
Brief overview of fitness experience: United States Marine Corps Infantry, College Football, ISSA Personal Training/Fitness Nutrition Certification.
Non fitness related interests: Going to the shooting range. Going to concerts and festivals since I am a metalhead at heart. Hog hunting and riding around in the Everglades is never a bad time. Taking trips to see my buddies I was in the Marines with.
Phone Number: (954) 205-9912
Instagram: @zack_redcon1
Matt Mulroy
Age: 25
From: Boca Raton, Florida
Fitness Goal: Add muscle and lose fat on a consistent basis. Long term goal, look like the God of Thunder; Thor
Brief overview of fitness experience: Played baseball for 2 years at Palm Beach State College and 1 year at Florida State University.
Non fitness related interests: Plays Golf and Mens Softball regularly. Enjoys Boating and Fishing. Die hard sports fan.
Phone Number: (561) 350-6853
Instagram: @mattmulroyy
Greg Reiss
Age: 21
From: Boca Raton, FL
Fitness experience: Woke up one day decided to get big, living my dream. Goal in life is to be an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder I am currently competing in the local circuit in South Florida. Next stop nationals.
Non-fitness related interests: When I’m not in the gym I am hanging out with my German Shepherd and slaying on Fortnite.
Phone Number: (561) 703-8344
Instagram: @gregreiss
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