B.A.R. Breakfast At the Ready® (1 Box / 12 Bars)

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Once again, we are changing what a protein bar can be with the all new B.A.R. Breakfast At the Ready® bar.. This unique protein bar is like having a bowl of your favorite kids cereal and milk in an easy and convenient bar format – No spilling, no mess, just amazing taste and texture that brings you back to sitting in front of the TV watching Saturday Morning cartoons. With its 20 gram whey isolate and whey concentrate blend, this gluten free cereal bar is ideal for a quick on the go breakfast or a tasty guilt free snack.

Box contains 12 servings

What makes B.A.R. unique?

B.A.R. is a high protein, low calorie bar with real cereal.


How many grams of carbs does B.A.R. have?

B.A.R. has 20G of carbohydrates.


How many grams of sugar are in B.A.R.?

There are only 5G of sugar in B.A.R.


How many calories are in B.A.R.?

There are 190 calories in each B.A.R.


Does B.A.R. contain milk, peanut, or soy?

B.A.R. contains all three.


Does B.A.R. contain whey?

Yes, B.A.R. contains whey isolate and concentrate.