FUBAR - Blue Raspberry (Box of 12)
FUBAR - Blue Raspberry (Box of 12)
FUBAR - Blue Raspberry (Single Unit)
FUBAR - Cherry Lime (Box of 12)
FUBAR - Cherry Lime (Single Unit)
FUBAR - Orange Crush (Box of 12)
FUBAR - Orange Crush (Single Unit)
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Energy Shot
FUBAR Energy Shot
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Fueled up beyond all recognition
Hardest hitting energy shot
Key Ingredients
Caffeine Blend 400mg:
B vitamins
Neuro Blend 110mg:
Caffeine Anhydrous: A dehydrated form of caffeine to promote alertness and wakefulness

Guarana Seed Extract: extract from the Guarana plant, that promotes energy

Kola Nut Extract: West African plant extract that provides a stimulant effect
Vitamins B3 (Niacinamide), B6 and B12 help the body convert food into energy
Taurine: An amino acid to help improve mental performance

Cacao: seeds from a small tropical American evergreen tree, from which cocoa and chocolate derive that can support an enhanced mood

Schisandra Extract: Also known as the Chinese Magnolia Vine, Schisandra extract has been used to support cognitive function

Huperzine A: an extract of huperzia serrata (toothed clubmoss) to enhance cognitive function



What does FUBAR™ stand for?

FUBAR™ stands for Fueled Up Beyond All Recognition™ .

How much caffeine is in FUBAR™?

FUBAR™ contains 400mg of caffeine per bottle.

What’s the difference between FUBAR™ and TOTAL WAR®️ RTD?

TOTAL WAR®️ RTD is the ready-to-drink version of our powder pre-workout formula, TOTAL WAR®️. It is a complete pre-workout that provides pump, endurance, strength, energy, and focus. FUBAR™ is an energy shot with ingredients for energy and focus, intended to be taken throughout the day when you need a boost of energy.

When is the best time to take FUBAR™?

We recommend taking FUBAR™ when you’re in need of a burst of energy and focus. While this, of course, depends on your lifestyle, here are some situations where FUBAR™ may come in handy:

  • In the morning
  • After lunch
  • Before working out
  • During sports
  • When traveling / in the car for long hours
  • When studying
  • When you have a busy day and need energy and focus


What flavors does FUBAR™ come in?

FUBAR™ comes in three delicious flavors: Cherry Lime, Orange Crush, and Blue Raspberry

How many bottles of FUBAR™ can I drink in a day?

We recommend taking no more than 1 bottle of FUBAR™ per day. To assess your tolerance, we recommend drinking ½ shot. There is a line on the side of each shot that denotes ½ serving.

Who should NOT take FUBAR™?

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Children. Anyone who has a sensitivity to caffeine or stimulants and those with a medical condition should not consume FUBAR™. Always consult with a doctor before taking a dietary supplement.

FUBAR Energy Shot | Energy Shot

FUBAR Energy Shot

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